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Monday, February 28, 2011

My latest "Duh" moment

Good Morning!

I have funny story to share.  I need to preface by saying that I haven't been complimented by a man (other than my husband) since I was like 19. 

So, my son has been sick and his asthma has been acting up.  To the Dr. we go.   The Dr. looks my son over and says he has Brocholitis (sp?) and gives us a script for an antibiotic.  He also wanted to check B's oxygen level just to make sure the at-home breathing treatments are working.  The physician's assistant comes in to do the oxygen monitor.  The PA is good looking!  Anyways, the PA says to my son "You have beautiful eyes, just like your momma".   He then looks at me and smiles.

Now what would you say?  Most women whould probably blush and say "thank you".

Guess what I said...

"Oh, actually I am his mom..."

The cute PA then looks at me with a no-shit-sherlock look and says "I figured that".


My husband damn near rolled on the floor laughing when I told him.  Of course, he redeemed himself by telling me he doesn't understand why I am so shocked because I am beautiful.


  1. LMAO! That's classic. Glad to hear your hubby's a good sport and you need to learn to accept a compliment!

  2. I have a hard time with compliments too. :)

  3. :) will get easier as the compliments come more frequently :)


  4. lol, thats great! very sweet of the guy.

  5. Yes, you are (beautiful)! I hope you start to think so soon.

  6. Cute story. Yes, all of us women need to learn to accept compliments.

  7. Oh God - that's cute and a great NSV.

  8. I SO get where you are coming from. What a nice compliment!