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Friday, July 1, 2011


1. Let's stick with the pictures/exercise and shoe topic and post a picture of (or describe) your work out shoes.
ASICS® GEL-Enduro 4 Women's Trail Running Shoe
These are my first ever running shoes.  I got them at JCP and they are great for a fat and flat footed runner.  Just enough support to be comfortable but I can still feel the road.

2. Again with the summer/hot theme of the week....what does your current swimsuit look like?

My swimsuit looks like a sports bra, tank top, and shorts...because that is what my swimsuit is!  I am not comfortable enough yet to wear a swimsuit.  The sad thig is when I get to goal weight I know this will still be an issue for me.  I have tried some on recently and I am atleast proud that there are plenty of options out there for the size that I am...but I just can't do it yet. 

3. Do you lay out, fake bake, sunless spray tan or use tanning lotion?

I have never used lotion or spray tan.  I live on a farm so in the summer I get some tan just from working outside.  In the winter time, I use my own tanning bed.  It's an older model (10+ years) that my mom bought when I was dad thoguht she had lost her mind.  I bought my parent's house from them last year and the tanning bed came with it. 

4. Describe your week in blogland and in real life.

Blogland: Nada.  I didn't do any blogging but I did follow everyone else and did some commenting.  I recieved a box full of AWESOME dresses and skirts from Nora from A Traveling Bandita.  I have worn two of the dresses now and for the first time since high school I felt hot!!!  I recieved many compliments and just felt good!

Real Life:  Things at work are getting stressful (more so than usual).  I have a grant proposal and a semi-annual report due in three weeks ON TOP of my normal caseload of probationers.