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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pre Op: Day 2

I am so HUNGRY!!!!!! I hate Jello already. To add to my misery, I have started my period and have horrible cramps.

I am worried that I will not be able to do this after all. I have to remind my self that I do have the self discipline. Heck, in the past 30 days I have quit smoking, quit drinking soda, and now I have quit eating! The hard stuff is almost done. To me, the band is a tool that will help me keep moving forward on my path to being healthy.

Oh, and by the way - my husband has lost 10 lbs for not drinking Coke...I hate men and thier damned metabolisms!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pre Op: Day 1

I ate my "last meal" at Montana Mike's yesterday evening - it sucked! I wanted my favorite thing - chicke fried chicken and mashed potatoes. The waitress messed up and ordered me a chicken fried steak. First off, I am not a beef eater; second, husband is and he said it still was bad. The mashed potatoes were cold and the gravy had skin. By the time I was able to speak with the waitress, my husband and son were done eating. I said to hell with it. Honestly, I have ate whatever I wanted and when I wanted it for the past month. My food behavior since scheduling my surgery has defenitely made me realize how f'd up my relationship with food has been - I think I do need to keep seeing the head shrink!

Well, time to eat my wonderful pre-op lunch of sugarfree jello and water. Isn't is kind of sad when you are looking forward to suppertime so you can have chicken broth? HA!