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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Long time no blog.  I have been following everyone else's blog, but have no made an appearance on my own.  I I haven't been blogging because I have felt like I don't really have anything to contribute.  I have just kinda kept in my own head.  I am at a stand still with my weight loss (since Christmas) and I want to see if blogging will help.  I have had a rough past few month and I think I have been eating my stress.  Maybe if I share my thoughts and feelings through my blog, I won't feel as much need to soothe myself with my Old drug of choice.

Here is a quick update on the past few months:

December 2010
Christmas was good despite being financially strained.  My husband was cut to part-time for the winter - he works in the concrete business.  I'm a probation officer and my caseload increased by 1/3 in a matter of two weeks.  As usual, there was constant talk of cut backs and lay offs.  Our house in town has been for sale for over a year at this point and we are struggling to maintain two houses financially and physically.  My son's asthma has been acting up, too.  I reached 75lbs lost and managed to maintain my weight through the holidays.

January 2011
Our house in town finally sold!  Went through alot of leg work and money getting the sale to go through.  due to the housing market, we lost over $20,000 and had to carry it over on our current mortgage.  My husband was laid off the 2nd week of January (just temporarily until Spring).  Once again, my caseload at work continued to grow -  it is roughly double what is was in November.  On January 24th, my husband fell on ice and broke his ankle.  No more unemployment now, Dr.'s bills coming in, more work at home for me.  I am effectively a single parent with 2 children - 20 mos old and 33 yrs old - with a farm to also keep going.  I only get 5 to 6 hrs of sleep a night and I eat anything I can.  No pounds lost or gained.

February 2011
Continuation of no sleep and lots of work.  Add in sick baby twice and carting my husband all over kingdom come.  I really feel like I'm losing my grip.  The good news is - my husband is in a walking boot and walking as of yesterday.  He is approved to go back to work on Monday.  He is still laid off for the winter but he will be able to collect unemployment again!  I am hoping this will start an upswing for us.  No pounds lost, one pound gained.

My goal for March 2011 is  get back on track - with weight loss, finances, and managing my workload.  I want to "get a grip" again.  I am going to start blogging regularly and hopefully get some followers (Thanks Ronnie for being my one and only follower!).  I need some support in my life right now and I am hoping I have came to the right place!

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  1. You definitely have come to the right place! I'm sorry you have all this stress in your life, but hopefully since your husband will be able to collect unemployment again you'll be able to be in a better place financially. I'm here for ya if you ever need to vent!